A Sufi Story

A tinsmith was unjustly imprisoned and who, miraculously, made his escape. Many years later when he was asked how he had done it he replied that his wife, a weaver, had woven the design of the lock to his prison into the prayer rug upon which he prayed five times a day. Realising that the prayer rug contained the design of his cell's lock, he struck a deal with his jailers to get tools to make small artifacts, which the jailers then sold and profited from. Meanwhile, he also used the tools to create a key, and one day made…

It's Time to Dream Now

It’s time to dream now, a new dream of Being, to evolve our perception of possibility in order to embrace All of who we are. Then we can make the quantum shift required to live Love empowered. However we relate to our world and Earth herself and wherever we look we are becoming increasingly aware that we are hearing a new call to deepen our connection to not only ourselves and each other but to our Home. There is no time other than Now. When we can hold the seeming paradoxes of our current reality equally and in balance in…
  • Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.


  • Testimonial

    "Thank you, you work like the old people did."

    Indigenous Elder

  • Testimonial

    "Thank you so much for the wonderful insight you gave me ~ I look forward to our continued communication. You were so spot on in your reading for me ... everything you told me has happened. I heeded your warning about 'staying focused' it sure helped me through it all. I am singing your praises, I know you are only the instrument to spirit but you're exceptionally good at what you do in this field, for whether you know it or not you are of great help and comfort to those in need. And hey, aren't we all in need at one time or another? Until then, may God Bless & protect you, may your Seas of Life remain calm and your Winds blow ever so gently on all your endeavours."

    Trudy, Mother

  • Testimonial

    "Karen’s work is simple and refined and has an extraordinary level of strength and potency. Blocks, issues, whatever we wish to call them, melt away easily so that we may move forward effortlessly to achieve our chosen goals and desires. I have achieved most of what I set out to do as a result of sessions with Karen. I would recommend working with her to everyone."

    Brent Thorpe, Acting Tutor/Performer

  • Testimonial

    "Thank you so much Karen for your sessions with me! We had some fantastic and powerful experiences. You are a rare gem and an inspiration."

    Emily Spirit